Meydan-Center, Istanbul

Информация: Build-ups with FD 25, Floraset® Georaster®. Floradrain® FS 75 and. Area: ca. 35.000 m²

The central point of Shopping Square Meydan is a large piazza.

The most remarkable METRO Group Asset Management shopping centre,
designed by London architects FOA, has been opened in a rapidly growing
residential area on the Asian side of Istanbul.

The centre of this ensemble of shops, cafes, restaurants and movie theatre
complex is like the piazza of a central European town that has grown over
centuries. The folded and sometimes extremely steep roof areas of the
complex are extensively covered with vegetation, and some parts can even
be walked on, creating a small park. In the middle of the square is a water
feature that has a fountain in summer, and can be used as an attractive
skating rink in winter.

System Build-up

Meydan-Center, Istanbul
Meydan-Center, Istanbul
Meydan-Center, Istanbul
Meydan-Center, Istanbul

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